Fathers Day Soy Wax Melts

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Our Melt Sticks will give you 100 hrs of lasting aroma simply break a stick and place in a melt burner. Dont have a melt burner than they are also a great idea to put in dads sock or underwear draw.


About Beloved Scents Melt Blocks 

Soy Wax Melts provide a sensational scent throw and are a great way to enjoy our beautiful selection of Beloved Scents fragrances. To find out more about fragrance explanations  https://belovedscents.com.au/fragrances/

Our soy wax, is non-toxic, eco friendly and slow burning, vegan friendly and hand poured in Australia


Delivery is a flat rate of $9.95 or FREE on orders over $85 to anywhere in Australia.

Sizing & Burn Times

Burn Time Approx. 80 Hrs(10hrs per stick)
Approx. capacity  110 Grams: 1.8 cm H x 8 cmW x 15.9 cmL Packaged in a Calico Beloved Scents reusable bag

How to use wax melts and hints and tips to get the best performance:

We highly recommend using pure soy wax melts with a electric warmer that are designed for use with pure soy wax melts.

Soy wax requires a hotter temperature in order to melt the wax correctly.


1. Place your warmer as close to the centre of the room you want to fragrance as possible.

2. Make sure your warmer is placed on a heat resistant surface away from children and pets. Also ensure any cords are tucked away or do not hang over the surface where it can be pulled off the surface or table.

3. For a small dish place 1 melt bar, and for larger or wider dishes place 2 melt bars.

4. Turn on your electric warmer, it may take up to 20 minutes for the wax to fully melt as the wax melts the fragrance will start to flow filling your room with fragrance.

5. After use turn off your electric warmer and make sure the wax is completely hard before moving or touching the warmer as the wax and the warmer will be hot.

6. To change the wax to a different fragrance turn your warmer on for about 2 minutes then the wax should simply slip out of the dish with a little push. Then give the dish a wipe out with a paper towel then you are ready for a new fragrance.

7. Just because a fragrance in a large room may have faded keep your wax and use it in a smaller sized room as their may still be enough fragrance left to fragrance a smaller sized room.

 Melts Safety:

Due to the high amount of fragrance in this product it should not be used with a direct flame and must only be used in a traditional oil burner or electric melt warmer. If the fragrance becomes too strong for you simply turn off the melter and ventilate the room. Always follow the safety instructions that came with your product to ensure safe, proper use.

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  1. Sarah

    Dad loved these!

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