About Beloved Scents

"Discover the Story and Passion Behind Beloved Scents - Australian-Made Fragrances Handcrafted with Love"

Beloved Scents is an Australian-made, woman-owned fragrance brand that offers a unique scent experience. Our luxurious scents are crafted using high-quality ingredients to create a bold and epic fragrance journey. Our range includes candles, diffusers, car scents, and hand and body washes. We are passionate about supporting women-owned businesses and creating unforgettable scents that unleash the senses. Shop now to experience the best of Australia’s fragrance scene and support a  women-owned business.

Everything we do we do with Passion and Consistency, we just happen to make great scents

Meet Amie Gibson, the Woman Behind Beloved Scents

Are you curious about the person behind the luxurious and captivating scents of Beloved Scents? Look no further than Amie Gibson, the founder, and owner of the Australian-based fragrance company.

Amie’s passion for candles and fragrances began as a child when her mother bought her a book about Soap & Candle making, although couldn’t pursue her dream of all things fragrances as became a mum at quite an early age; so changed direction slightly and became a  business executive of one of Australias,  largest female fashion retailers, scented candles were always her go to on her days off to help ease her anxiety and switch off from her busy corporate life, after 10 years in the corporate world and now a single mum, she decided to combine her business skills with her love of fragrance and in 2012, Amie founded Beloved Scents, with a mission to create high-quality, natural candles and fragrances that people could enjoy in their everyday lives. Today, her brand has become a go-to for those who appreciate unique and sophisticated scents.

One of the things that set Beloved Scents apart from other fragrance companies is its commitment to using only the best natural ingredients. Each candle and fragrance is made using soy wax, which is a renewable resource, and essential oils, which are free of synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals.

Another reason that people love Beloved Scents is the brand’s dedication to supporting women-owned businesses. Amie is passionate about empowering women, and she makes a point to collaborate with and support other female entrepreneurs.

From the intricate, yet elegant packaging to the unique scent combinations, Amie’s love for candles and fragrances is evident in every product she creates. Beloved Scents is truly a reflection of her passion and dedication to creating beautiful, natural products that people can enjoy every day.

Whether you’re new to the brand or a longtime fan, take a moment to appreciate the woman behind the beloved candles and fragrances. Amie Gibson has created something truly special with Beloved Scents, and her dedication to quality, sustainability, and female empowerment is truly inspiring.


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