Beloved Scents commenced in 2013 the name originating from the founder Amie which in French means “Beloved”. Suddenly a single mum; left with a large mortgage, financially things were tough. Amie poured her first batch of candles on the kitchen bench as Christmas gift idea for family and friends, within months everyone in the Shoalhaven was in love with Beloved Scents, and her little hobby was meant that she could leave her corporate career of 15 years in Sales and Business Development. After exhibiting at her first gift fair in 2014 it meant she quickly outgrew the kitchen bench and had to relocate to a warehouse , and last year moving to our new location a concept store where you can enjoy your shopping experience and smell the aroma of the batch of the day and watch the team at work . We currently still pour everything by hand on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, and 6 years on we are currently stocked in 400 stores nationally and 10 in NZ. (Not bad for 6 candles poured on the kitchen bench)

At Beloved Scents our MISSION STATEMENT is simple “ Everything we do we do with Passion and Consistency, we just happen to make great scents”




As an adult I now see growing up with 3 fathers as a blessing, but as a small child from a blended family; i really struggled with my identify and a place to fit in… My relationship with my biological father was not great ,mum forcing me to see him every second weekend and holidays; and as i got older the effort stopped and i didnt see him for almost 16 years. A chance meeting at a work function we reconnected. Now as an adult he is my go to guy when i need a good laugh he is guaranteed to tell some pretty terriable dad jokes and make a mean margarita… Step dad No 1.. Pretty much raised me my whole entire childhood, i called him dad and i rebelled against everything because i knew he wasnt my ” REAL” dad, as an adult now and a single mother i admire anyone who is a step parent because i really put this guy through hell… He put a football in my hand at young age and inspired my love of touch football and fitness, he also blessed me with 3 amazing step brothers; although at times i could do without the hard time they give me, but truth be told i really would be lost without the larakins…. He also inspired me with words ill remember forever “Amie if you are anything like your mother you are going to be beautiful and you will always be successful you could sell ice to eskimos”
Step dad No 2. Entered my life as an adult although it took some time for me to warm to him, he has always treated me and my son as his own, i gained 3 more siblings and the most wonderful sister you really would think we are blood related.. He is my go to when i need to talk business, hes not adverse to cracking a bottle of wine and chatting to the wee hours about all the highs and lows when it comes to owning your own business. Always the first to put his hand up to lend a hand, he now builds all our stands that you recieve to display your car diffusers… ” Not bad for a f#%KIN farmer” is how he describes himself…. So as we approach Fathers Day in a world were the norm is no longer the norm… I now see without these 3 guys i wouldn’t be the unquie person that i am… No one ever leaves our life they just change form….. I would like to take this opportunity to send peace and love to all dads those that watch us from up above :to our biological daddas, step dads, grand dads, solo dads who are raising a tribe in this crazy world we call life,may you inspire your children to be the best they can be… Amie x

Thanks for putting up with my shit dad- Coffee Bean

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