Diffuser Drops


Our Diffuser Drops are the newest product to the Beloved Scents Range pure fragrant oils, blended on the South Coast of Australia and available in all our signature scents to create ambience around your home.


About Beloved Scents  Essential Oils

Our Essential Oil blends are 100% natural, made with pure plant extracts and nothing else. They are vegan, chemical-free, non-synthetic, non-toxic and completely free of any nasties.

Available in a range of blends, you’ll find one to suit any time of day and any mood.

Add 6 drops to a vaporiser/diffuser or 4-5 drops with water to a traditional oil burner.

Warning: Do not ingest.

Available in a 30ml bottle with dripulator and tamper-evident lid.

Warning: Please use essential oil products with caution around pets. Pets have a more sensitive sense of smell compared to humans and so some ingredients and fragrances can be potential irritants for them.  As we use blends with several essential oils together, there may be 1 or 2 oils within our blends that are not recommended for use around pets, particularly cats. 


Coconut Oil Blended with fragrance oils our Beloved Scents oils are  nontoxic and do not contain palm oil.


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