Candle & Diffuser Care

When Burning a Beloved Scents Soy Wax Candle we want it to be an enjoyable experience, please ensure you burn your candles in accordance with the warning label..

To prevent fire and personal injury

  1. Always burn candle in sight
  2. Keep out of reach of children and pets
  3. Never burn on or near anything that can catch on fire
  4. Always trim your wick 1/4 inch each time  you burn this will ensure you wick does not move from the centre.. Disgard candle if wick moves and touches the glass vessel
  5. Burn in a well ventilated area and keep away from drafts
  6. Do not attempt to move candle once it is burning
  7. Discontinue burning your candles once approx 1/4 inch(13mm) hardened wax remains..
  8. Clean out your vessel in warm soapy water and repurpose or refill..

#Please note: never burn a candle if your glass vessel appears to be broken or cracked in anyway..

How to get maximum burn time from your Beloved Scents candle

1. Light your candle and make sure u burn it till it reaches to the outer edge of the jar, this creates a memory and ensures that you get maximum burn time out of your jar.

2.You should only ever burn a candle for a maximum 2-3 hours. (Soda Jars and vessels with narrow openings should only be burnt for maximum 1 hour)

3.To extinguish your candle dip your wick and this will ensure it dosnt create any smoke

4. Before relighting always trim your wick, this will ensure your wick does not mushroom and that your jar does not go black.

5.Always leave approx half inch of hardened wax in the bottom of your jar, as glass can overheat and crack.

Beloved Scents are all hand poured to order in small batches and not mass produced HANDMADE WITH LOVE..

Car Diffusers

Ensure to follow your instructions, Beloved Scents accepts no responsibility for where your diffuser bottle is placed or if it leaks and causes damage to your Car Interior.