Fathers Day Soy Candles


It’s said that men don’t buy candles… We disagree. So we’ve created a range of scented candles specifically for guys.

Our Fathers Day Soy Candles come in our popular Jam Jar Vessel with a unique black  screw top, choose from our 3 Limited Edition Fragrances Chai Latte, Coffee Bean  and Sea-salt & Sandalwood.



Scent Descriptions

Thanks Dad-Coffee Bean 

Enough Coffee can put all the wrongs right… Dark, roasted Coffee Bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate. The closest scent to real coffee in a fragrance with a hint of Coconut

Dad Bod-Sea Salt & Sandalwood

Breathe in the beach, with elements of Salt,Seaweed and added touches of Cucumber, Moss, Amber & Sandalwood.

Dad You’re Rad-Chai Latte

A blend of cinnamon and spice and all things…

This spicy blend can assist dad when times are tough to simply breathe in the aromas and Chai again.

Sizing & Burn Times

350ml 65 hr  burn packaged in a reusable calico bag

Candle Care & Safety

  • Always trim your wick to 1/4 inch before lighting your candle (every time)
  • Burn for long enough that the melted wax pool reaches all the way to the edge
  • Do not burn for more than four hours at a time
  • Keep candle free of foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings
  • Never burn on or near anything that could catch fire
  • Never burn while unattended
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets



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