Empowered Goddess Journal


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The empowered goddess range was inspired from  Amie feeling trapped  in  a toxic relationship in which it took all her strength to walk away. Feeling like she had lost her self and the bright vibrant successful woman and  she used to be she  used energetic healing and intuitive spiritual guidance to heal her divine goddess .These 5 limited addition fragrances  is designed to empower your devine badass to feel worthy ;to feel loved; to let you know you are enough..

Light your candle the gorgeous black double wicked vessel allows you to create a vibe , to get out your journal and start the healing process today




The Empowered Goddess Collection

Have you ever experienced being gaslighted?

Have you ever experienced any form of abuse?

Have you ever been in a toxic situation u felt you couldn’t leave?

These 5 goddesses Amie looked to  throughout her healing process and she would love to be able to share them all with you because everyone deserves to live a life where we feel safe, nurtured and a balanced self of well being…   Amie’s body is her canvas and her tattoos tell many stories, she has teamed with her tattooist  the most intuit, self taught paintress  Vanessa Ardon. Vanessa’s goddess woman are all hand drawn with pencil  and each one is unique.

These 5 limited edition scented goddesses  are designed to empower your devine badass to feel worthy ;to feel loved; to let you know you are enough….

Aphrodite-Love, Light & Beauty Goddess-Sun Washed Linen-Relax Unwind with the soothing  scent of freshly washed linen a blend of  cedarwood and fresh linen, linden flowers and cotton blossom with top notes of tea leaves, bergamot, and orange. The perfect fragrance to aid in a good nights sleep

Athena- Warrior Goddess –Wild Frangipani- Frangipanis symbolize  strength to withstand tough challenges, just like our warrior Goddess she is strong, she is powerful, she is brave , she is Athena. Exquisitely exotic, heady, tropical, which have a gardenia-like scent: soft, peachy, creamy, fruity.

Leto- Motherhood Goddess –Black Rose & Oud Just like our Mothers this is one scent you wont be able to live without. Black Rose and Oud ticks all the right boxes. Oriental, woody, and floral, Infused with patchouli, cinnamon bark, clove leaf, and palmarosa, this sensual and rich blend of rare oud wood and exotic spices is the perfect accompaniment for the rose and geranium

Luna- Moon Goddess-Sweet Pea & Jasmine combined to create the ultimate in floral elegance. With the delicate additions of watermelon and cucumber, this uplifting fragrance symbolizes relaxation and stress-relief which is a perfect blend to burn during Luna cycles

Kali- Wisdom Goddess-Passionfruit & Pine Lime is Exotic and wild, a rich, fruity scent of passion fruit and lime top notes, with middle notes of raspberry and orange, and a base of red rose and honeydew melon.

Benefits of Journaling 

Achieve goals. When you use your journal to write down your goals, you can keep better track of your intentions. …
Track progress and growth. …
Gain self-confidence. …
Improve writing and communication skills. …
Reduce stress and anxiety. …
Find inspiration. …
Strengthen memory.


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Journal Specifications

  • 139 x 216 mm size
  • 400 gsm cover
  • Spiral binding
  • 80 pages per notebook
  • Lined paper

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