Car Diffuser – Australian Native Collection


Transform your road trip into a sensory adventure with our Australian Scented Car Diffusers. Infuse your vehicle with the invigorating scents of the Australian bush, coastal breezes, or native flora, making every mile memorable. Explore our range now and elevate your journey with refreshing fragrances that evoke the essence of Australia.

  • Australian Bush
  • Australian Floral
  • Australian Sandalwood
  • Lemon Myrtle
  • Kakadu Plum & Seaside Cucumber



Australian Native Scent Collection

1. Australian Bush:** Take a stroll through the vast Australian outback with this authentic fragrance. Notes of lemon, pine, and eucalyptus transport you to the heart of nature.

2. Australian Floral:** Escape to the wilderness with this dense cluster of Australian wildflowers. Let the floral aroma inspire you to reconnect with the beauty of nature.

3. Australian Sandalwood:** Experience the soothing scent of Australian sandalwood, known for its rich, woody aroma. Calm your soul with this true-to-life fragrance.

4. Lemon Myrtle:** Energize your senses with the zesty combination of lemon, orange peel, and eucalyptus. Delicate floral notes add a touch of elegance to this unique Australian scent.

5. Kakadu Plum & Seaside Cucumber:** Indulge in the robust fruity fragrance of passionfruit, guava, and melon, complemented by fresh lime and coconut undertones.

Delivery-Enjoy a flat rate of $12.95 for delivery anywhere in Australia, or receive FREE shipping on orders over $85.


Our Boho Floral comes in a 30ml bottle filled with your selected fragrance, packaged in a reusable calico bag. Refills are also available.

Directions for Use

1. Unscrew the wooden lid and remove the plastic plug.
2. Screw the wooden lid back on and tip the diffuser upside down to let the fragrance soak the wooden plug.
3. Hang the diffuser in your car, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct your view while driving.
4. When the fragrance diminishes, repeat step 2.
5. Avoid getting diffuser oil on clothing, furniture, or car interiors, and clean any spills immediately.

*Please note:* Color choices can be requested in the comments section of the shopping cart, but variations may occur due to batch differences. Car diffusers must be used following the warning label, and Beloved Scents accepts no responsibility for damage to your vehicle.

Additional information

Australian Native Scent

Australian Bush, Australian Floral, Australian Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle, Kakadu Plum & Seaside Cucumber


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