Australian Native Collection Diffuser Drops


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Experience the aromas of the Australian wilderness with our NEW Beloved Scents  in our Diffuser Drops a flameless alternative to a soy candle designed to work in all atomisers.

The Australian Collection explained : 

  • Australian Bush- the aromas of Pine and Eucalyptus will make you feel like you have stepped out of the wilderness on a wet Summers Day.
  • Australian Floral- as you wander through the wilderness and spot the stunning wild flowers these fragrances encapsulates the aromas of wattle, native frangipani and honey. This scent will give you an everlasting native Floral Bouquet.
  • Australian Sandalwood- creates calm and balance with this earthy aroma.
  • Kakadu Plum & Seaside Cucumber- the fragrance that gives you the feel of when the bush meets the sea it’s fresh and floral and a Beloved Best Seller.
  • Lemon Myrtle- this scent is uplifting, zingy and fresh if we could eat it…known for its antibacterial properties it not only leaves your home fresh but germ free.

“Experience Australia right from your lounge room”



Directions for use

Add 6 drops to a vaporiser/diffuser or 4-5 drops with water to a traditional oil burner.


Within Australia, delivery is a flat rate of $9.95 or FREE on orders over $85.


Volume: 30ml
Packaged weight: 71g in a reusable calico bag
Bottle dimensions: 100mm H x 35mm D


A combination of artisan oils blended with Coconut Oil

They are vegan, chemical-free, non-synthetic, non-toxic and completely free of any nasties.

Warning: Do not ingest.

Warning: Please use essential oil products with caution around pets. Pets have a more sensitive sense of smell compared to humans and so some ingredients and fragrances can be potential irritants for them.  As we use blends with several essential oils together, there may be 1 or 2 oils within our blends that are not recommended for use around pets, particularly cats. 

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