Australian Bush Fragrance Collection


Journey through the captivating scents of the Australian bush with our exclusive gift box, designed to transport you to the heart of this unique landscape.

Experience the beauty and tranquility of Australia’s natural landscapes with our Bush Fragrance Collection Gift Box – an ideal treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone special.


Each box includes:

  1. 80-hour Burn Candle: Embrace the warmth and tranquility of the Australian bush with our long-lasting candle, featuring earthy notes of eucalyptus, native flowers, and hints of citrus to infuse your space with serenity.
  2. 100ml Room Spritz: Elevate any room with the refreshing aroma of the Australian bush, providing an instant burst of invigoration and harmony to your surroundings.
  3. 200ml Reed Stick Diffuser: Envelop your home in the natural fragrances of the Australian bush with our reed stick diffuser, offering a constant release of tranquil scents for a lasting ambiance.
  4. 30ml Scented Car Diffuser: Bring the essence of the Australian bush with you on the go with our car-scented diffuser, ensuring your travels are filled with the revitalizing aromas of eucalyptus and native flora.

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