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The Discover your Destiny Soy Wax Candle Range is for all the Gypsy Souls,Fortune Tellers and Tarot Card readers its also  the perfect self empowerment gift. Each Beloved Scents scented candle comes with a self empowerment quote and enclosed in the bottom of each candle is a pebble engraved with your destiny.

Stay Wild; the aromas  of woody Patchouli is the perfect scent to sit cross legged in the sunshine and mediate.

Be Brave: the aromas of Sage and Lavender the perfect scent to cleanse and purify your meditation space and give you the courage to try one more time.

Let’s Do This; the aromas of Rose Geranium this is the perfect gift for your new love partner and the aromas also assist in aiding anxiety.

“Burn the Candle your Destiny Awaits”

Check out more of Beloved Scents empowerment products  here https://belovedscents.com.au/product-category/smudge-kits/

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