Candle Queens Holiday Collection


Serendipity-White Lotus FlowerInspired by the queen’s unexpected meeting with a king……A king that makes this queens smile so wide,heart so full and a simple touch creates butterflies…… A king and a queen that both have had a journey through some muddy waters but rise from the mud and see the beauty in seizing a new day.. A king and queen that are not perfect but very real and together their connection is powerful….

Serendipity -White Lotus
A delicate and spicy mix of white lotus vanilla and patchouli that is both calming and sensuous….

Sweet Serendipty- that unexpected meeting that scares her and excites her that it will change the Queens life….
A king cant be a king without the strength of a queen….


Tiki Times:

Inspired by the candle queens trip to Thailand a wonderful friendship was formed with a kiwi he would become the CQ godsend for 12 days and continues to this day to offer the best support and advice……

Tiki Times-A tropical blend of zesty orange peel and warm juicy guava.Will become a godsend on a warm summers day..

“Don’t ever underestimate how someone who  was once a stranger can become so important in someones life” TIKI TIMES



Cocoon Beach:

Inspired by the Candle Queens trip to Bali.The CQ spent many days at the popular Cocoon,an amazing place to unwind grab a massage and drink cocktails by the pool….

Cocoon Beach-a rare and tantalsing blend of juicy pineapple and banana smoothed over with a layer of coconut and tonka bean. A unique cocktail that will make you believe that love at first sight truely exists.

“A scent is a powerful thing what one scent means to you will mean something different to you this scent bought the candle queen a season of joy,just a season but a season was all she needed” COCOON BEACH

Ivy Soul:

There won’t be a woman that can’t relate to the inspiration for this scent. Dedicated to all the woman that fall in love with that man that has touched their soul whether it be for a season,reason  or lifetime.That one man that may still cross our minds and every now and then we stop to wonder “Do they think of us, like we think of them? You are not alone we all have that someone that takes longer than others to get over,some we never get over and thats ok too..

Ivy Soul-sexy and alluring this powerful masculine scent with sharp notes of bergamot & cedarwood. Smells so amazing just like that man that has touched our soul that we want to cling to forever and never let go.

Who is your IVY SOUL?


🏝Mystery Island🏝
Inspired by the Candle Queens adventures on the remote small islands of Bali surrounded by crystal jade green water and sparkling white sands.
She spent her days wandering the deserted beaches admiring the beauty of such an untouched paradise taking solace in the simplicity of island life and spent her nights laughing and dancing the night away at the beach bars creating friendships that will last a lifetime.
Sea salt and driftwood
A memorizing blend of sparkling sea salt with the warm mysterious feel of natural Sandalwood and Cedarwood and the gentle touch of light Musk.
Some of the best memories created are the ones she can’t talk about…
🏝Mystery Island🏝-” what happens on the island stays on the island




Tiki Times- Tangerine & Guava

Cocoon Beach- Coconut Milk & Honey

Ivy Soul-Bergamot & Cedarwood

Mystery Island-Sea Salt & Driftwood

Serendipity-White Lotus Flower

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Tiki Times, Cocoon Beach, Ivy Soul, Mystery Island, Serendipity


Double Wick Candle, ReedDiffuser, Melt Blocks